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did you sleep for this escape?

4 June
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i'm 19//in 2nd year at uni studying games software development//it probably sounds more fun than it actually is//(calculus can die)//but some people on my course aren't so bad//
i like to just sit around listening to music//playing guitar//writing//imagining (naturally)//doing stuff online//web design//image&video editing//some other things//

in those occasional times when i'm not being so antisocial i do actually have fun//i know,right?//which usually involves some nice amounts of alcohol//and possibly some form of uncoordinated dancing//spending time with my lovely david//who i do not get to see enough//<3//

i like music a lot//i can listen to the same things over and over every day//hmmm, i need some new music//mostly i listen to some variety of rock,metal,alt//but really how accurate are genres these days anyway?//
i prefer my people to be a little crazy//it's what makes them interesting//it makes for a better balance between them and my somewhat 'reserved' personality//i am not crazy,you see//seriously.//

likes//david//sex//muuuusic//jack&coke//free stuff//rainy days//but especially rainy nights//the colour red//hugs//final fantasy//dreams//buying stuff//even stuff i don't need//(and can't afford)//spacing out someplace in my head//black&white//ghosts//chocolate//creativity//squishies//

dislikes//calculus//arrogance//surprises//sleeping too long//mornings//buses//the elderly//oh, and also children//those days when i just can't remember what the hell is going on//zombies//obvious fakeness//(if you're gonna lie then at least be good at it)//stupidity//those controlling 'havetobeincharge' types//nightmares//fangirls//being paranoid//the colours yellow,green&pink//

but really i'm quite indifferent about most things//

Up to my eyes
And I'm seeing without you
Without you
Up to my heart
When I'm bleeding without you
Without you

We'll start a fire
And burn some bridges
And make it out of here tonight

~escape artists never die